Bowness Montgomery

Address: 4615 85th Street, NW

Hours of Operation: 6:45 AM to 6:00 PM

Thornhill Child Care Bowness Montgomery Center is located in a historic school house building in the community of Bowness. We provide care for children from twelve months of age through to the age of six. For the Kindergarten year, we serve Belvedere Parkway School; transporting the children to and from school and providing care during school closures.

We are licensed through the Provincial Government and work to exceed those standards. All of our childcare spaces are full time and we have an open-door policy; allowing families to use the childcare placement in the way that meets the needs of their family. We offer competitive rates for care and accept childcare subsidy.

Our dedicated Early Childhood Educators co-create curriculum with the children to plan programs that are designed to help children grow physically, intellectually, socially and emotionally through spontaneous involvement with their environment, relationships with each other, their families and the larger community. Using Flight: An Early Learning and Child Care Curriculum Framework for Alberta, as our guide, the Educators use observation and reflection to understand where the children are in development and seek to nurture that learning further.  More information on the Flight Framework can be found at

Parent involvement is key in creating and maintaining a quality program and Thornhill Child Care sees itself as community-based program. As such, families are encouraged to spend time in the program and are often invited to join their child for lunch, for parent education workshops, networking evenings, and for special events.

Bowness Montgomery Center is an inclusive program which supports early intervention needs on site and can access Program Unit Funding, and Mild Moderate Funding, through Alberta Education. Bowness Montgomery Center also works in collaboration with other community service providers to support services to the families in care.

We offer in house nutritious, homemade lunches as well as a morning and afternoon snacks. Our meals are planned in accordance with the Canada Food Guide so your child gets 2/3 of their daily nutritional needs to be their best throughout the day.